About the Catalog

The Association of University Presses of Latin America and the Caribbean (EULAC) presents the first Latin American University Presses Rights Catalog—a key part of its mission to publicize academic thought by publishing books in numerous countries and languages: 998 books by 135 publishers in 11 countries.

Download the 2020 catalog!

You can download a digital version of the printed catalog and some other assets from the «Downloads» section.

A key to understand the world: the knowledge published by Latin American and Caribbean University Presses

Welcome to EULAC´s Rights Catalog for the Special Edition 2020 Frankfurt Book Fair. All together now!

We are very happy to present our catalog to colleagues from different countries and other languages. We are sure that through the translation of books we foster the connection with the knowledge produced in different parts of the world. In particular, we are interested in promoting the knowledge offered by university  presses in Latin America and the Caribbean, which represents not only our particular interests but also those that we share with many other people.