About the catalog

“Latin America, that immense nation of astonished men and historic women, whose endless stubbornness is confused with legend … Harmony with our dreams wouldn’t make us feel less alone, as long as it doesn’t happen with actions that support peoples who adopt the illusion of having a life of their own when everything is finally divided up. Latin America doesn’t want nor does it have a reason to be a bishop without influence, nor does it have anything chimerical in its plans for independence and originality becoming a Western aspiration.”

Gabriel García Márquez

The Association of University Presses of Latin America and the Caribbean (EULAC) presents the first Latin American University Presses Rights Catalog—a key part of its mission to publicize academic thought by publishing books in numerous countries and languages: 662 titles by 89 publishers in 11 countries.

This joint effort represents an unprecedented milestone for our region. At the same time, it’s an ongoing document requiring continuous improvement and persistent, long-term commitment. The catalog is key in achieving a wider reach for our publications. Sales of translation and co-edition rights represent an unparalleled opportunity for internationalization, crossing spatial and linguistic borders.

The catalog has taken years of dedicated teamwork, fortified by the efforts of each and every one of us, as well as championing from the national networks and associations that make up EULAC: Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Argentina, and Brazil. With our initiatives, programs, and projects, we will respond actively to challenges presented by changing university panorama, as well as to those faced in publishing. We do all this while continually striving to uphold excellence in university publications.

The fact that we belong to a higher education institution compels us to think about publishing projects from a perspective shaped by distinct realities. However, we have overcome our differences and taken advantage of opportunities, using collaborative approaches. This catalogue represents everything we do currently, and everything we can build together in the future.

Selling rights goes far beyond a simple commercial action—it entails starting a dialogue, fomenting debate, and promoting knowledge. This publication also demonstrates the maturity of our projects and confirms the need to give them publicity. Our aspiration is a Latin America in permanent dialogue with the world.

Being able to share this catalogue is the realization of a dream. The information is a map. Join us as you travel to new territories—to explore our cultural wealth, and to experience deeply an animate and navigable continent eager to share its knowledge and history.This cartography, represented in each title, shows us that university publications are our forte. This catalogue will be a fundamental reference for exploring and disseminating knowledge, and an essential tool for supporting our books in reaching new audiences.

Sayri Karp

Juan Felipe Córdoba Restrepo
Vice-president, Andean region

Marybel Soto Ramírez
Vice-president, Northern regionPresident

María Daniela Veró
Vice-president, Atlantic Region