Business Plans

Planes de negocio

Today’s organizations have to cope with a fiercely competitive and highly dynamic environment, which leads professionals from diverse areas to develop new skills that enable them to face market’s demands.
One of those essential skills is the ability to generate innovative projects to ensure the positioning of the organisation in the target clients’ mind and the very much coveted organisational survival, regardless of the organisation’s size, field and complexity.
This handbook does not aim at covering the universe of projects that could arise in an organisation, since they could be very diverse and many might need their own methodologies and criteria, as it is the case for social, research, and development projects.
The methodology proposed here is that of the business plan, which is a special structure from the business world, and intends to provide useful information for the decision making of potential investors.
The structure of this handbook follows, as teaching-learning methodology, the project-based model. The purpose is to allow knowledge to become into a skill through working with each of the proposed instructions, challenges and practical activities, since the best way to learn how to write a business plan is by actually writing one.
This handbook is intended to be a simple guide for those who have no basic training in making a business plan as well as for students and professionals taking their first steps in this area.