Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económicas


The dissemination of high-level research, rigorously based, that has in mind the analysis of cardinal issues of contemporary social sciences is the main goal of CIDE Press. We receive and publish studies that offer elements to guide the specialized academic discussions, to establish a close link with the informed and interested public in the topics of national and international relevance and to clarify the challenges, the dilemmas, and the opportunities of these in the current societies. For this, our thematic areas are integrated by four collections: Gobierno y políticas públicas is a collection that seeks to stimulate the intellectual debate on public administration that account for the renewed agenda in Latin American democracies, that update diagnoses, approaches, and methods of analysis and that contribute to the construction of a hemispheric academic community. Coyuntura y ensayo is a collection designed to disseminate academic elements and integrate them into the discussion and integrate them into the discussion and understanding of current issues, challenges, and dilemmas, as well as to give policy suggestions, design, and implementation of solutions in specific problems. Investigación e ideas is a collection composed of unpublished works, of high methodological rigor and that represent a significant contribution to the generation of knowledge. They are aimed primarily at the academic and scientific communities, as well as to specialized students and decision makers who require state-of-the-art information from each discipline. Docencia is our most recent collection, books designed to be agile and at the same time profound study guides. They have multiple references to exercises, boxes, and Internet links to which students can go. More information at:

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