CULAGOS Ediciones

Universidad de Guadalajara


The CULAGOS Ediciones imprint, that belongs to the University Center of Los Lagos, UDG, located in Lagos de Moreno, Jalisco, responds to the need to promote and commercialize the work of prestigious writers and researchers with a long artistic career. It does so through five collections: History, Literature, Libélula Collection, Academic Dialogues and Sciences. The History collection has opened its doors to studies by academics from our center and other universities in the country with topics that deal, mostly, with the local history of the Los Altos de Jalisco region, whose important presence in the Cristero War of Mexico is constantly recognized internationally. On the other hand, the Academic Dialogues collection opens research lines for psychology, law, philosophy, and social discussion topics. The Literature collection covers a diversity of subjects, ranging from novels, short-stories, essays, and  poetry. A hallmark of the Editorial Unit is that we have the Dragonfly collection, designed as a space for the young people of CULagos who wish to publish their literary works, and finally the Science collection through which the production of manuals is promoted and contribute to a better formation of our students in general.

Contact information

  • Name: Yamile F. Arrieta Rodríguez
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  • Phone: +52 (474) 742–3678, Ext. 66534