Ediciones ISALUD

Universidad ISALUD


Within the framework of the broadest freedom and pluralism of thought and disciplines, Universidad ISALUD seeks to deepen the knowledge of the main current and future problems of society. Its publications are a privileged instance for the dissemination of the results and findings of the research and scientific production processes. Ediciones ISALUD publications are adequate tools for the transfer of knowledge to society in general, and to the university community in particular. Currently, it has more than fifty titles, some of which have become reference texts both nationally and regionally. More information at: www.isalud.edu.ar/institucional/publicaciones/ediciones-isalud

Contact information

  • Name: Carlos Villafañe
  • E-mail: cvillafane@isalud.edu.ar
  • Phone: +54 (11) 5239–4040