Ediciones UCM

Universidad Católica del Maule


Ediciones UCM seeks to contribute to the development of knowledge from its humanist stamp, reflecting on science, education, territory and the arts. Editorial work, in this sense, becomes a vehicle to socialize the intellectual production of our academic community, of the Maule as a medium, integrating a series of regional authors and actors into the debate. With a new face and a constantly growing catalog, Ediciones UCM's mission is to offer the book industry titles consistent with the University's lines of research, in a friendly format and responding to the challenges that have arisen with the diversification of the Chilean publishing market. With more than 50 published titles, our publisher aims to become a benchmark both at a regional and national level, with publication lines that range from the series Textos de Apoyo a la Ensecencia, Cuadernos Académicos, Tabor, to the collection Territorio, Archivo Literary, Heritage. Ediciones UCM promotes associativity, and with that spirit it is part of the network of Regional University Publishers (EUR), having important agreements with study centers and foundations, building dialogues with civil society and co-publishing alliances.

Contact information

  • Name: José Tomás Labarthe
  • E-mail: jlabarthe@ucm.cl
  • Phone: 56 (9) 6238 6096