Ediciones UFRO University Press

Universidad de La Frontera


The Editorial, through its several stages of development, has achieved to carry out a catalogue that shows the scientific, humanistic and artistic production of the University, the country and its nation. At the same time it has extended its work to the international sphere managing collaboration agreements with labels from other universities and worldwide publishers. Regarding its values, it is oriented to the interests of the public, regional and secular, therefore, its activity is non-profit. Consistent with the above, its purpose is to promote the book as an object, reading as a practice, and free access to knowledge as a principle, which has allowed an important activity to be carried out around digital publishing, which is developed in such a way that parallel to print editing. In this task, UFRO University Press has taken care to guarantee that the works meet both the quality and impact standards in the different fields of knowledge. For this purpose, it has an Academic Scientific Committee responsible for the publication policy and compliance with the requirements for the indexing of works. On the other hand, it has an Internal Advisory Council dedicated to editorial management in the administrative, financial, computing, library, communicational and creative areas, allowing it to offer a cutting-edge service with full control of all aspects involved in the production of a book and with special emphasis on the relationship with the authors.

Contact information

  • Name: Marly Juárez Cárcamo
  • E-mail: editorial@ufrontera.cl
  • Phone: 56 45 2596852