Ediciones UIS

Universidad Industrial de Santander


Since 1958, the Industrial University of Santander has responded to the dissemination needs of the intellectual and scientific production of the university community and the Santander region. With the main function of editing, printing, disseminating and commercializing scientific, literary and artistic works, through the Publications Division, in six decades of activities, the University has taken steps to achieve that the knowledge and culture generated in the academy and by the cultural actors of the region they become a tangible and accessible reality for society, through an editorial production of about 400 titles and 15 collections, characterized by quality, truthfulness and social relevance. Aware of the role that it must assume, both in the academic world and in society in general, it welcomes, as of 2020, the project of institutional journals, as a strategy to coordinate efforts and resources and contribute to the dissemination of knowledge, the result of teaching, research and extension.

Contact information

  • Name: Puno Ardila Amaya
  • E-mail: ediciones@uis.edu.co
  • Phone: +57 315 8895685