Ediciones UNAULA

Universidad Autónoma Latinoamericana


The UNAULA Editorial Fund fosters and develops editorial projects whose mission is to support and strengthen the intellectual, scientific and literary production generated within the University. Besides generating material for the exercise of pluralism and tolerance, the decision to publish a paper follows clearly established criteria of academic quality, pertinence and originality. Its main goal is to incentivize intellectual production of the university’s identity, the registration and disclosure of research findings, and progress, to serve specific teaching needs and build bibliographic heritage aimed to contribute to a regional identity. Every publication proposal is discussed and approved by the Editorial Council, integrated by representatives of the Chancellor’s Office, Administrative and Academic Vice Chancellors, research, teaching and extension. The Editorial Council is the organism in charge of approving the editorial and administrative policies of the Editorial Fund. Its production is highly visible among national peers, thanks to the permanent dissemination of its General Catalogue, and the regularization of the distribution channels.

Contact information

  • Name: Jairo Osorio
  • E-mail: jairo.osoriog@unaula.edu.co
  • Phone: +57 (4) 511 21 99, Ext. 181/281