Ediciones UNGS

Universidad Nacional de General Sarmiento


UNGS Press is the National University of General Sarmiento publishing house. Its catalog already has 500 titles ordered in thematic collections and series that aim to reach wide academic and general publics. Its titles are an expression of the university’s dialogue with society in order to intervene in the production of knowledge and culture. They are distributed in national and international bookstores and marketed through its website, too. Our challenge for the following years is to deepen our internationalization by welcoming first level authors and researchers from other countries, and to consolidate the distribution of our books (in print and digital forms) in the rest of the world and to strengthen a policy of co-publishing with educational institutions and publishers from other countries.

Contact information

  • Name: Darío Stukalsky
  • E-mail: dstukals@ungs.edu.ar
  • Phone: +54 (11) 4469–7507