Editora da Unicamp

Universidade Estadual de Campinas


Founded in 1982, Editora da Unicamp is an organ of the State University of Campinas dedicated to the dissemination of works of a scientific and cultural nature and to the essential functions of the university: production and circulation of knowledge, integration between teaching, research and academic and cultural extension, encouraging reading and the experience of citizenship. The selection of titles is based on opinions of merit and approved by an Editorial Board made up of 10 members, part belonging to the university's staff and part active in other institutions, all with significant prominence in their areas of activity. In its 40 years of existence, Editora da Unicamp has published more than 1,400 books with high editorial standards. In its current catalog, it has about 600 titles from different areas of knowledge. This catalog includes works that address themes of the contemporary scientific agenda, classic and innovative works in the field of science, art and literature, didactic books, collections and thematic series, in addition to the annual collections of essays from the Unicamp entrance exam. Through its own editorial initiatives or in cooperation with national and foreign publishers, Editora da Unicamp conveys knowledge of a wide sociocultural spectrum and addresses the most different forms of knowledge and cultural expression, whether in the form of printed books or in the form of publications The quality of its academic, editorial and graphic production has already earned Editora da Unicamp numerous and important awards. The objective of disseminating Unicamp's own production does not prevent the reception of works of a university nature from those interested in publishing in our press, which is always open to new proposals.

Contact information

  • Name: Alex Melo
  • E-mail: alex@editora.unicamp.br
  • Phone: +55 (19) 3521-7786