Editora UEPG

Universidade Estadual de Ponta Grossa


The publisher UEPG, as an important tool for the dissemination of scientific knowledge and academic debate, contributed with the Mission of the Ponta Grossa State University: "Producing and disseminating multiple knowledge, at undergraduate graduate levels, aiming the formation of ethical, critical, and creative individuals, by an improvement in the quality of human life (PPI, 2012)." UEPG's catalog includes different areas of knowledge that express democratic and plural perspectives in the scientific debate. Searching for the internationalization of publisher UEPG, we translate books. UEPG publications go through a rigorous analysis, with collaboration, ad hoc referees, and deliberation of Its Editorial Board, ensuring the academic quality of books. UEPG Press publishes books by authors of different research institutions and undergraduate and postgraduate education insitutions in the country. Publisher of printed and digital books, contributing to a more dynamic and efficient dissemination of scientific knowledge. Open source books Can be found at: http://www.uepg.br/editora/, and at SciELO Books: http://books.scielo.org/eduepg/.  UEPG Press is a Member of Abeu—Brazilian Association of University Presses—and, therefore, it makes its catalog available to all university bookstores in the country. It alsoparticipates in national and international fairs, like São Paulo's and Rio de Janeiro's Book Biennials. UEPG Press's catalog is available in the website: http://www.uepg.br/editora/ and it has two bookstores at the Ponta Grossa - Paraná Campus.

Contact information

  • Name: Lucia Cortes da Costa
  • E-mail: editorauepg@uepg.br
  • Phone: +55 (42) 3220–3362