Editora Unifesp

Universidade Federal de São Paulo


The spread of knowledge produced by the university's academic community is a commitment. Expanding beyond its walls and improving this work is a constant need and desire. Editora Unifesp's mission is to bring to the public the creations of researchers from Unifesp and other universities, past and present, and make their work appreciated. The work done at the university directly impacts our lives. The exact, biological, human and social sciences and the development of technology shape our life in society. It is necessary to know and reflect on them. Editora is responsible for opening this way of disseminating the work done at the university and for reflecting on it, in the different areas of knowledge.

Contact information

  • Name: Cynthia Sarti
  • E-mail: csarti@editoraunifesp.com
  • Phone: 11-5576-4848 - ramal 8393