Editorial de la Universidad Nacional de Quilmes

Universidad Nacional de Quilmes


The National University of Quilmes (Universidad Nacional de Quilmes), founded in 1988, is a public university located in Argentina which established its own publishing house (Editorial de la Universidad de Quilmes) in 1996. Designed to serve as one of the University´s centerpieces in terms of outreach and community integration efforts, this publishing house has become an essential tool to increase the university´s social visibility and to release the books that can make a real contribution to knowledge and cultural heritage in Argentina and the world at large. The Universidad Nacional de Quilmes Press, which has adopted an academic approach, maintains a backlist of over 500 titles divided into series directed by experts from the university, who enrich every series with original and translated works that provide different perspectives on knowledge, reflecting all the fields of interest to the university´s faculty, students, research teams, and scholars. In addition, the catalogue includes art books by prestigious Argentine artists and some other special editions designed to reach a wider readership, thus giving way to further interaction with the community. This is how our Publishing House promotes culture and knowledge, acting as a centerpiece in the effort to meet public university´s goals. Catalogue on line: ediciones.unq.edu.ar

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