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Universidad Veracruzana Press has more than 60 years of a serious, professional, and constant editorial tradition. Production overtime has consolidated its prestige national and internationally, which makes it stand out from other university presses. Its good reputation is an incentive and a permanent commitment for their collaborators. After sixty years of work and perseverance, the publisher has today a wide and varied catalog of publications in print, on demand, and digital format with worldwide distribution, whose topics include social sciences, arts, literature, and sciences, which contributes to the current debates, themes, and fundamental authors for the creative process and thinking in Ibero America. The publishing house is a space where writers from all over the world, in different languages, can coincide and enrich our culture and our universal vision of the world. And it is a space where readers in general can approach. Among its collections are: Ficción, Biblioteca, Biblioteca del Universitario, Serie conmemorativa Sergio Galindo, Sergio Pitol Traductor, Entremares, Clásicos Mexicanos, Textos Universitarios, Rescate, Biblioteca Veracruzana, Serie Especial, Quehacer Científico y Tecnológico, and Cuartel de Invierno. Their catalogue can be found in the following address http://libros.uv.mx/index.php/UV

Contact information

  • Name: Jesús Guerrero García
  • E-mail: jesguerrero@uv.mx
  • Phone: +52 (22) 8142-1700, Ext. 17814

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