Editorial Neogranadina

la Universidad Militar Nueva Granada


The Editorial Neogranadina, our university press, is a division attached to the Office of the Vice President for Research at the Universidad Militar Nueva Granada whose aim is to develop a reliable and accessible repository of peer-reviewed knowledge. Fundamental principles such as scientific ethics and integrity, service, thematic focus, academic quality, publishing quality, access, knowledge appropriation and publishing research are considered by our press in promoting a publishing culture in the University. The Editorial Neogranadina is committed to disseminating and making visible academic production on research, teaching, and topics of general interest by internal and external authors. For this purpose, it has produced a catalog of works that meet high publishing quality standards and contribute to reflecting on the current situation of the country and society. https://editorial.unimilitar.edu.co/index.php/editorial/catalog

Contact information

  • Name: Andrea Coronado
  • E-mail: editorial.neogranadina@unimilitar.edu.co
  • Phone: +57 (300) 596-0155