Editorial UASB

Universidad Andina Simón Bolívar, sede Ecuador


Universidad Andina Simón Bolívar, Ecuador, is an academic institution within the Andean Community that has been stablished in Quito since 1992. One of its fundamental activities is the publication of academic books, written by its professors and students with quality, rigor, and commitment in developing new knowledge. Its editorial work is closely connected to the University's research interest, based on multidisciplinary criteria, focused on the need for research to be linked to teaching, and the possibility of using its results in scientific dissemination and/or applying it to production processes. In addition, it reinforces its commitment in developing the Andean region in key areas, such as education, culture, science, and technology. The University is a member of several international research networks, and their common projects are systematically published. The University has also a widespread editorial production task through co-publishing and sponsorship of publications made possible through agreements with other academic institutions and national and international publishers. Its catalogue has more than 1250 title published, all available on the website: 'www.uasb.edu.ec/web/guest/publicaciones'

Contact information

  • Name: Annamari de Piérola
  • E-mail: annamari.depierola@uasb.edu.ec
  • Phone: +593 (2) 333-7718