Editorial UNACH

Universidad Autónoma de Chiapas


The Academic Project 2018-2022 establishes the university community editorial production as a priority for institutional strengthening. One of the assignations of the General Directorate of University Extension is to organize, coordinate and manage the editorial production of the Autonomous University of Chiapas in accordance with Article 105, Section III of the General Statute of the Autonomous University of Chiapas. The Editorial Directorate disseminates through editorial funds and collections the most relevant aspects of knowledge and culture generated by the academic and research structures of the university and by the university community, while promoting, strengthening and consolidating the presence of the Autonomous University of Chiapas in the society. Considering this as an ideal way for members of the academic and research community to have the means that will allow them to disseminate their work, communicate their knowledge, pass on the technology created and contribute to the development of the cultural life of the university, the participation of teachers and researchers interested in publishing their digitally produced research is being promoted this time. Editorial Services: • Judgments, carried out by blind peers. • Correction of works where the spelling, grammar, syntax, orthotygraphy, style, layout and format of the text of a book are corrected. Editorial Promotion: • Promote the editorial work of the Autonomous University of Chiapas. • Establish criteria for planning and managing the processes of selection, production, promotion, distribution and sale of editorial production. • Publish and disseminate relevant materials in the academic field and of interest to the university community and the society in general. • Assist in the development of academic and cultural actions in higher education for the benefit of students and society in general.

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