Editorial Unimagdalena

Universidad del Magdalena


The Higher Council Agreement 016 of 2017 regulates the Universidad del Magdalena Press Program. This institutional policy allows to publish scientific, technical, humanistic, artistic or pedagogical papers in books, journals, non-print media, or other means of dissemination. The University Press aims to create, publish, promote, and disseminate the university community’s intellectual production to contribute to advancing science and technology. The titles comprising the catalog are the result of a demanding process of high quality editing and peer-reviewing. Our publications are available in various national and international distribution channels, including some electronic databases that sell digital publications. Check all our works on the website https://editorial.unimagdalena.edu.co/

Contact information

  • Name: Jorge Mario Ortega Iglesias
  • E-mail: editorial@unimagdalena.edu.co
  • Phone: +57 (5) 438-1000 Ext. 1888