Editorial UNIMAR

Universidad Mariana


UNIMAR Publishing House supports and sustains the academic productions that are gestated in the spaces of academic and research development of the Mariana University and of those interinstitutional works, establishing quality parameters in relation to the national standards endorsed by the Administrative Department of Science, Technology and Innovation, Colciencias, giving priority to those publishing products resulting from research. Likewise, it guarantees the quality of its publications in terms of selectivity, normality, availability and temporality for the case of books, and scientific quality, editorial quality, stability, visibility and national and international recognition, and impact, in the case of science journals, technology and innovation. Main Goal: Manage, recognize, edit, publish, catalog, and consolidate editorial products that comply with national and international quality standards, generating social and cultural impact in local and global academic and research communities, through the construction, reformulation and promotion of knowledge.

Contact information

  • Name: Luz Elida Vera Hernández
  • E-mail: editorialunimar@umariana.edu.co
  • Phone: +57 (2) 724-4460, Ext. 185