Editorial Universidad de Caldas

Universidad de Caldas


The Editorial Universidad de Caldas is attached to the Vice-rectory for University Projection and its work is aimed at editing, publishing and distributing the academic, investigative and cultural production of the entity, the region and the country with parameters of quality, timeliness and relevance. Its structure is designed in different collections that are nourished by the research, teaching and extension work of University academics or external authors who contribute to the enrichment of the catalog and the creation of work networks. The editorial lines that make up the catalog are: Research books, Textbooks, Essays and Literature. Some works are also produced in the collections of Arts and Humanities, and Philosophical-Literary Notebooks. The unit has a team of professionals in charge of promoting the dissemination and appropriation of knowledge and culture, with editing, production, circulation and marketing of editorial projects. As part of the dialogue with cultural expression and knowledge, the Editorial coordinates the development of the Manizales Book Fair, which celebrates 11 years of publication and seeks to strengthen the space of reading, writing and in general all forms of the book in boys, girls, youth and adults, as a means of communication and universal encounter. https://editorial.ucaldas.edu.co/

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