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We are a self-sustaining independent press that generates its own content. Through our publications we connect Universidad de Guadalajara’s multidisciplinary intellectual output with readers in the state of Jalisco, in Mexico, and in the world. We actively promote works that fosters critical thinking and the creative arts, that strengthen positive cultural values and the relationship of our university with its broader social context. Our catalogue contains works in all areas of knowledge and is divided in 18 areas. There, readers may find academic books, textbooks, manuals, illustrated books, children’s books, literature, and popular science books. Our catalogue reflects our principles of direct and indirect liaison between the different university players, such as researchers and teachers within our university with other higher education institutions, with the private sector and society at large. We are committed to the publication of creative, insightful and deep works that bring a new perspective to academia and that have a real impact in people’s lives. Universidad de Guadalajara . . . Books that Change Lives. www.editorial.udg.mx

Contact information

  • Name: Iliana Ávalos Gónzalez
  • E-mail: iliana.avalos@editorial.udg.mx
  • Phone: +52 (33) 3640–6326
  • Web: https://editorial.udg.mx/