Editorial Universidad de la Serena

Universidad de la Serena


In December 2007, a new publishing area was created, based on an initiative of the ULS's presidence office, and its goals are: 1. Publish, distribute, and sell their own books, with the publishing stamp of the University of La Serena. 2. Advice students and academics about publishing, with the aim of generating a larger production of books. 3. Maintain a permanent presence in the book and culture markets. 4. Link the University to the rest of the community, enterprises, and professionals, working together with the Direction of Outreach. 5. Link the authors of the university with the community through launch parties, talks, workshops, seminars, and conferences. 6. Make an efficient distribution of published books and materials. 7. Manage its own bookstore (located downtown La Serena).

Contact information

  • Name: Alejandro Abufom Heresi
  • E-mail: editorial@userena.cl
  • Phone: +55 (21) 3799–4429