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Our mission is to publish and disseminate knowledge for those who are at the vanguard of their areas of knowledge, such as humanities, administration, natural sciences, social sciences, or health sciences. Making visible the knowledge generated at the university is an ongoing challenge. The publication of books, articles in specialized journals or in journals for dissemination purposes are some of our most important tools. To present, disseminate, and give account of the activities of the university poses numerous challenges; in particular, the one related to the importance for academics to dialogue with the world. Our task is to build bridges between knowledges and human beings. Each year, we publish approximately 80 new books and 10 academic journals. Currently, more than 80 percent of our catalog is available in digital formats, some of them in open access. Thanks to a joint effort, this press, a non-profit organization, keeps adapting and innovating in line with world trends. For more information about our publications visit: editorial.urosario.edu.co/

Contact information

  • Name: Juan Felipe Córdoba Restrepo
  • E-mail: juan.cordoba@urosario.edu.co
  • Phone: +57 (31) 297–0200

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