Editorial Universidad Pedagógica Nacional

Universidad Pedagógica Nacional


The editorial labours of the Universidad Pedagógica Nacional are developed by the Grupo Interno de Trabajo Editorial, which is attached to the Vice-rectory for University Management. This group supports the formulation of the institutional editorial policy, coordinates the activities corresponding to the annual publication plan, guides the editorial work based on institutional policies and plans, formulates and develops divulgation and indexing strategies, and it is in charge of the editorial activities of the indexed journals, as well as the academic ones, which also have editorial coordinators and thematic editors. The university publishing house also takes care of the entire cycle of management and production of texts that are the result of participation in the semi-annual calls for publication, of the works that are agreed in inter-institutional agreements with other publishing houses and universities, and of the formal requests of the members of the university. In addition, it leads the processes of promotion, circulation and dissemination of books and journals in databases, social networks, academic events, cooperations, and book fairs. All this has made possible the recognition of the UPN in different settings from the promotion and spreading of a robust and necessary catalog of publications in the fields of education, pedagogy, didactics, and disciplinary knowledge. Virtual editorial catalog at: http://editorial.pedagogica.edu.co/index.php

Contact information

  • Name: Lucía Bernal Cerquera
  • E-mail: lbernalc@pedagogica.edu.co
  • Phone: +57 (601) 594-1894 Ext. 190