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The University Press of Universidad Ricardo Palma was founded in 2001 by Rector Iván Rodriguez Chávez and it has been able to position itself as the most fruitful University Press in the world of publications, and since its 23 years of existence, it has more than four hundred and eighty titles in the different areas of knowledge. It includes studies around Ricardo Palma, the father of the Tradition genre, and topics related to history, anthropology, sociology, architecture, education, folklore, economy, literature, art, psychology, theater, philosophy, law, mathematics, medicine and children's literature. Throughout the years we have published important works by distinguished authors, and it became necessary to classify them, thus creating several series and collections, such as the series of reference texts, which includes academic subjects. The Collection of University Readings was also created, exclusively aimed at students. The Palmista Library is another important collection that promotes in-depth and innovative research on the various thematic aspects of the work of our greatest traditionalist. Ricardo Palma’s Tradiciones peruanas (Peruvian Traditions) in eight volumes and Epistolario General (General Epistolary) are part of this precious production. In addition, there is Cátedra Mario Vargas Llosa, whose purpose responds to the growing interest in the Nobel Prize winner's work among Peruvian and foreign critics and specialists. The teaching of Francisco Miró Quesada Cantuarias, the most important contemporary Peruvian philosopher, has been reflected through his Obras esenciales (essential works), which are presented in ten books and eleven volumes. Through promotion, distribution, diffusion, and sales in the main bookstores of the country and the participation of Universidad Ricardo Palma in the multiple book fairs throughout our country and in the important fairs that take place in Mexico, Spain, Germany, Chile, etc., have placed it in a privileged position and it is recognized as one of the best and most important publishing houses in the country.

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