Editorial UNRN

Universidad Nacional de Río Negro


At UNRN Press we intend to be a tool for dialogue, builders of bridges between authors and readers, intermediaries of voices of the community. With this vision, we publish works conceived in the academic and scientific fields and in the cultural environment that the National University of Río Negro makes part of. We promote that books, as public cultural objects, reach high quality standards and circulate widely and freely in the social space. Our catalog is structured in collections that serve different spheres of academic life, such as “Aperturas” and “Lecturas de Cátedra,” while a policy of co-editions broadens and enriches it, based on a proposal of associativity and strengthening with other actors in the editorial ecosystem. Email: editorial@unrn.edu.ar. Web: www.editorial.unrn.edu.ar. Phone: +54  (0) 29–2044–2045. Address: Belgrano 526, Viedma (8500), Provincia de Río Negro, República Argentina.

Contact information

  • Name: Ignacio Artola
  • E-mail: iartola@unrn.edu.ar
  • Phone: +54 (02920) 44–2045