Editorial UPC

Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas


Editorial UPC was created by Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas to disseminate and make the knowledge generated by its faculty, collaborators, graduates, and other members of the university community available to a larger audience. Hence, it contributes to the development of education, sciences, and culture for the benefit of society. Today, there are authors from different universities and specialties; thus, we seek to foster and enrich the knowledge and contributions to the academic community. We wish to continue with this practice and, in so doing, strengthen our publishing house’s core motivation: making valuable and useful knowledge visible and available for the development of the different members of society. The motto of our Publishing House is summarized in this phrase: “We share knowledge.” In addition to that, it should be emphasized that Editorial UPC was the first Peruvian university press to publish the digital versions of its books and, currently, it is developing an open access collection under this modality. Publications, organized by collections, series, and topics, may also be purchased and distributed by print-on-demand.

Contact information

  • Name: Magda Simons
  • E-mail: magda.simons@upc.pe
  • Phone: +51(1) 9-9499-3274