Universidad Católica de Córdoba


The Publishing House of the Catholic University of Córdoba (Editorial de la Universidad Católica de Córdoba, EDUCC) was born in 2003 with the initial purpose of allowing the university community to speak up and therefore make a contribution to strengthening the essential bonds between university and society. It works with a Publishing Director and a Publishing Council. Within its catalogue, the ones that stand out are the collection Thesys, which publishes doctoral and master’s thesis, the Jesuit Collection and the Genre Book Collection. Almost 11 years after its creation, EDUCC still aims to sustain and socialize the knowledge that emerges from this university and continues to search for valid alternatives to spread intellectual production through publishing, while also expanding its presence as an institution and consolidating cooperative bonds with other university presses.

Contact information

  • Name: Ana Carla Slek
  • E-mail:
  • Phone: +54 (351) 428–6171, (9351) 243–5830