Universidad Nacional de La Pampa


The National University of La Pampa Press (EdUNLPam) was created in the year 2003 and, since then, depends on the Secretariat of Culture and University Extension of this house of studies. The EdUNLPam recognizes in the book and reading suitable instruments and indispensable to the enrichment and construction of culture. That is why it considers necessary to encourage the activity of intellectual creation, production, publication, and commercialization of books of transcendence in the academic medium. Currently, we are developing an institutional policy that aims to promote new editorial lines, to consolidate the existing ones, and to professionalize the editorial work, in response to future demands of the medium, at national and international levels. The press publishes papers resulting from research, teaching and extension activities. It also offers the possibility of publish works that are of interest to this institution and society in general. In all cases, the academic, scientific, technological, and/or cultural level is considered. In its catalog it is possible to find the following collections: a) Libros de textos para Estudiantes Universitarios, b) Libros Académicos de Interés Regional, c) Libros de Interés Socio Comunitario; d) the series Resultados de Investigación, e) Tesis de grado, Posgrado; e) the series  Libros de Extensión Universitaria; f) Estudios y Problemas (in agreement with Editorial Prohistoria), among others. Each of these collections is governed by regulations, which are also available on the home page of the EdUNLPam. The EdUNLPam has two points of sale, located each of them in the main cities of the Province: in Santa Rosa and in General Pico. The books can be acquired not only in these bookstores but also on-line by means of the Market option Payment. More information at: www.unlpam. 

Contact information

  • Name: Melina E. Caraballo
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  • Phone: +54 (02954)-45-1610