EMAVI Sello Editorial

Escuela Militar de Aviación "Marco Fidel Suárez"


The Sello Editorial EMAVI is part of the Research Section, whose main purpose is to promote the full application of the publishing policy, in order to support the management of scientific publications of the Academic Group and thus contribute to the consolidation and visibility of the intellectual production of students, teachers and officers of the Military Aviation School "Marco Fidel Suárez". The Sello Editorial EMAVI seeks to strengthen the academic work with academic, scientific and social responsibility reflected through the quality of the intellectual production of teachers, researchers, ensigns and cadets, committed to the preservation of the institutional culture and the social dissemination of knowledge, thus promoting the social appropriation of knowledge and strengthening the teaching mission, research, extension and national and international academic cooperation in concepts related to air, space and cyberspace, supported in the construction and implementation of public policies of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation, to respond to the productive and social challenges that allow the development of the country and the Colombian Aerospace Force.

Contact information

  • Name: Diana María Mosquera Taramuel
  • E-mail: diana.mosquerat@emavi.edu.co
  • Phone: +57 (602) 488 1000, Ext. 68841