Editorial Universidad Nacional, EUNA

Universidad Nacional

Costa Rica

The Editorial Universidad Nacional, EUNA—National University of Costa Rica Press—was founded in 1976.  EUNA is an academic press that publishes, promotes and disseminates books of outstanding scientific, literary, cultural, educational and artistic worth. These works are the outcome of the academic endeavor and research conducted at the University. Authors from the national and the international community are also invited to present proposal for evaluation every year, from May 1st through July 30th. Published under the EUNA imprint, either in digital or printed support, all our books involve a rigorous editorial process. Our catalogue is comprised by collections and series in areas such as Language and Literature, Education, Exact and Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Humanities, Arts, and Children and Young Adult Literature. EUNA: An Open Widow to Culture!

Contact information

  • Name: Iliana Araya Ramírez
  • E-mail: euna@una.ac.cr
  • Phone: +(506) 2562–6750