Libros UNA

Universidad Nacional de las Artes


Libros UNA is the publishing house of the Universidad Nacional de las Artes (National University of the Arts), Buenos Aires, Argentina. Our main objective is to constitute a publishing house specialized in arts, guaranteeing quality productions that promote both interest, research and artistic development, as well as cultural industries and higher education in arts. We focus on works that, associated with reflection, production and circulation, from and on the arts, occupy vacant spaces in the national and international publishing market, in order to facilitate and satisfy demands not yet met by the publishing industry. We have two collections: Enfoques (Approaches), theoretical essays, with its pocket version Pequeño Formato (Small Format), and Manuales (Manuals).

Contact information

  • Name: Marina Malfé
  • E-mail:
  • Phone: +54 (11) 5777-1300, Ext. 390