UDLA Ediciones

Universidad de Las Américas


Higher education institutions are responsible of participating in the global dialogue of events, with a critical perspective, in order to propose solutions or alternatives to the various social scenarios. For this reason, UDLA Ediciones is committed to research, the generation of knowledge, and the strengthening of culture through publications that reach the highest standards of academic and editorial quality, always in the pursuit of excellence. Consequently, the editorial line, which for now focuses on the production of academic books, is distinguished by four essential characteristics: the rigor in the investigative foundation of its contents, the accuracy in the treatment and use of the language, the full compliance of the editorial parameters of our University and the functionality and aesthetics of design. The goal is the creation of a solid bibliographic fund, indispensible reference for students, teachers, academics, researchers, writers, and readers in general; and an editorial catalog that eventually positions itself in Latin America and, why not, also worldwide.

Contact information

  • Name: Susana Salvador Crespo
  • E-mail: susana.salvador@udla.edu.ec
  • Phone: +59 (39) 9915–7185