UNDAV Ediciones

Universidad Nacional de Avellaneda


UNDAV Ediciones intends to contribute to the dissemination of knowledge generated from the scientific, academic and creative development of the university community, in the field of technology, the environment, production and work, sports, arts and literature , giving particular relevance to those derived from the link with the territory and the community of which it is a part. It will promote a full and constant interrelation of the university with the environment. The attempt to capture the creative activity of women and men - which no theory can definitively define or shape - will seek here to harmonize with the ever-prevailing thinking of the classics, an inexhaustible source of critical reflection. UNDAV Ediciones seeks to be an active linkage space, so that works by regional, national and international authors enter the publishing market and are recognized for their cultural, social or technological scientific value.

Contact information

  • Name: Carlos Zelarayán
  • E-mail: czelarayan@undav.edu.ar
  • Phone: +54 (911) 6874-7114