UniRío Editora

Universidad Nacional de Río Cuarto


The territorial anchorage and the conception that knowledge is socially constructed and shared characterize the National University of Río Cuarto. In accordance with these precepts, UniRío Editora directs its editorial production to publicly communicate both the results and the processes related to teaching, research, and extension through different collections and formats. Moreover, with the purpose of participating in the artistic and literary production of the region, its catalog also includes works of fiction and poetry. The bibliodiversity (of views, of voices, and supports) constitutes a constant practice of UniRío Editora, a bet in favor of the democratization of knowledge, cultural diversity, and ideological pluralism.

Contact information

  • Name: Daniel Ferniot
  • E-mail: dferniot@hotmail.com
  • Phone: +54 (9358) 436–2888